I was looking for a pair of tough leg bands to use on my horses. I found the Tough 1 Reflective Leg Bands online and decided to give them a try. The bands are very tough and seem like they will last long. I’m happy with my purchase!

Tough 1 Reflective Leg Bands Review


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-Tape that attaches to motorcycle handlebars for night riding safety

-Reflects in the darkCheck Price

-Tape that attaches to motorcycle handlebars for night riding safety

Riding at night can be a dangerous experience, and having a safe way to ride is essential. That’s where Tough 1 Reflective Leg Bands come in. These tough bands attach easily to motorcycle handlebars, and they feature a reflective stripe that makes them easy to see in the dark. Not only do these bands help keep you safe while riding at night, but they also make it easier for other drivers to see you too.

-Reflects in the dark

The Reflective 1 Legs Band is perfect for anyone who wants to add a little extra safety while out and about at night. With its tough construction, this leg band will help you stay safe while walking in the dark. The reflective strips on the band will brightly reflect any light that shines directly onto it, making it easy to see even in low-light environments.

Reviews & Ratings of Tough 1 Reflective Leg Bands

Our Rating: 3.0 Out of 5 Stars

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At the time of writing, there are only two customer reviews for the Tough 1 Reflective Leg Bands. Neither of them award a five-star rating, with one awarding 3 stars and the other 2 stars.
However, both reviewers seem to be very happy with their purchase and they say that these leg bands do exactly what they were intended to do – keep horses’ legs warm while they are being shod.
One reviewer said: “Works great! Keeps horse’s legs WARM during vet visit !!!” and the other commented: “These work really well!! Kept our horses’ legs warm all day long at our vets appointment today!!!!! We will definitely buy more when needed!”

This makes it easy for me to recommend this product as well as recommending that if you’re looking for some leg band supplies then you should definitely check out Tough 1’s website.


The Tough 1 Reflective Leg Bands are a must-have for any farrier. They help reduce the amount of time it takes to tack and trim horses’ legs, making shoeing faster and easier. Most buyers find these leg bands easy to use and very effective in their task of shoeing horses.

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