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The Tough 1 Ice Therapy Knee/Hock Wrap is a great way to help alleviate your dog’s hip and joint pain. Many dogs have trouble getting comfortable if they’re just left on their own, leaving them stuck in one position for too long. They would much rather be moving around or playing with you like other dogs do, but sometimes it isn’t feasible due to the nature of their injury. If your pup spends most of its time resting, then this ice wrap can provide some relief from discomfort that might otherwise go unnoticed by owners who aren’t familiar with canine health conditions and injuries.

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Features of Tough 1 Ice Therapy Knee/Hock Wrap

1. Provides relief from inflammation and swelling
2. Easily fits around the knee or hock
3. Soft gel ice cells

1. Provides relief from inflammation and swelling

This knee/hock wrap is designed to provide relief from inflammation and swelling. It offers four layers of cooling material that conforms perfectly around the leg with a stretchable elastic band for comfort. The inner soft fabric layer provides anti-inflammatory effects to help soothe joint pain, while the outer layer incorporates Zorbix® technology which increases circulation and dissipates heat in order to relax muscles and reduce discomfort. Additionally, it’s made without any harmful substances like PVC or phthalate plasticizers along with its water-resistant properties making this an ideal product for use in cold environments such as ice hockey rinks or other sporting events..

2. Easily fits around the knee or hock

The Tough 1 Ice Therapy Knee/Hock Wraps are designed for a secure fit and provide protection during the healing process. The wrap is made from high-quality stretch fabric that is soft and breathable, so it provides excellent comfort while providing support to injured joints. These knee wraps come in three different sizes, with one size appropriate for most horses.-

3. Soft gel ice cells

For achy and painful joints, this is an excellent product to use. It provides immediate relief for swelling or pain caused by minor sprains, strains, bruises, injuries such as contusions or abrasions. The gel ice cells are soft but strong enough to provide the cooling effect of cold therapy without any chilling effects on skin temperature. This wrap can be used over clothing or as an additional layer on top of other wraps you may already have in your medicine cabinet.

Reviews & Ratings of Tough 1 Ice Therapy Knee/Hock Wrap

Our Rating: 5.0 Out of 5 Stars

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The Tough 1 Ice Therapy Knee/Hock Wrap is a wrap that has been designed specifically for the horse. It uses compression and ice to prevent swelling and promote healing, which means it can be used on other joints in addition to the hocks. The material of this product is also soft enough not to irritate the skin or break blood vessels, so there are no concerns about additional pain from these factors either
It had 439 customer reviews at the time when I wrote this review; they had awarded it 5 stars out of a possible 5 on average.
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The Tough 1 Ice Therapy Knee/Hock Wrap is a high quality, durable and well made product that promises to provide the highest level of comfort. It comes in both small and large sizes for different sized horses, as well as being able to be washed on delicate cycle.
Most real buyers of this product are happy with their purchase and would recommend it to others.,

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