One Stop Equine Shop Turnout Blanket 200G is a top-quality turnout blanket made of 100% polyester. It’s perfect for horse owners who want to keep their horses warm and comfortable in any weather condition. Our team at One Stop Equine Shop highly recommends this turnout blanket, and we believe you’ll love it too!

One Stop Equine Shop Turnout Blanket 200G Review


Recommended for these features->

✅ Weight – 200 grams

✅ Material – Polyfill Blanket

✅ Waterproof – 600 denier Outer Ripstop

✅ Breathable – Ripstop is Highly Breathable and Effective at Wicking Away Excessive Heat, Sweat, and Moisture

✅ Adjustable – Comes with Elaticated Leg Straps, Double Buckle Fastenings, a Leg Gusset, and a Tail flapCheck Price

1. Weight – 200 grams

This turnout blanket is perfect for horse owners who need a reliable, durable blanket that can be used in all kinds of weather conditions. With its thick and heavy 200-gram fabric, this turnout blanket will keep your horse warm and comfortable in any kind of weather. Plus, the one stop equine shop branding ensures that you’re getting the best possible product from a reputable company.

2. Material – Polyfill Blanket

A turnout blanket is essential for horse owners who want to keep their horses warm and comfortable during cold weather. This 200g Blanket from 2 Material is made of soft, lightweight polyfill, ensuring that your horse will stay cozy and warm all winter long. The blanket also features a convenient one-stop turnout shop, making it easy to adjust the fit perfectly every time you use it.

3. Waterproof – 600 denier Outer Ripstop

If you’re looking for a blanket that will keep you warm and dry in all kinds of weather, then the Waterproof – 600 denier Outer Ripstop Turnout Blanket is definitely worth considering. Not only is it waterproof and breathable, but it’s also designed to protect your horse from the elements. This turnout blanket is perfect for use on horses during turnout, training rides, or even when you’re just out enjoying a nice day outdoors.

4. Breathable – Ripstop is Highly Breathable and Effective at Wicking Away Excessive Heat, Sweat, and Moisture

A horse needs a good turnout blanket to keep them warm and comfortable during the cooler months, and the 200G One Stop Equine Shop Turnout Blanket is exactly what they need. This breathable and lightweight blanket is made from 100% ripstop polyester, which makes it highly effective at wicking away excessive heat, sweat, and moisture. Not only that, but because it’s breathable it also keeps horses cool and comfortable in summer weather.

5. Adjustable – Comes with Elaticated Leg Straps, Double Buckle Fastenings, a Leg Gusset, and a Tail flap

This amazing turnout blanket is perfect for horses of all sizes. With adjustable leg straps, double buckle fastenings, a leg gusset, and a tail flap, it’s perfect for getting your horse ready for any activity. The 200-gram weight is comfortable and supportive enough to keep your horse warm during the coldest weather, but light enough that you can easily carry it around.

Reviews & Ratings of One Stop Equine Shop Turnout Blanket 200G

Our Rating: 4.7 Out of 5 Stars

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The One Stop Equine Shop Turnout Blanket 200G is a fantastic turnout blanket. It’s made from 100% cotton and is incredibly soft. Not only that, but it has an elastic band at the neck to ensure a good fit.

I found 24 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had all awarded the One Stop Equine Shop Turnout Blanket 200G 4.7 stars out of 5 on average.

The customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with people stating things like “love this product”, “great buy”, and “highly recommend!”\.
One user even said it was their favourite purchase ever! That makes this turnout blanket an easy recommendation for me as well.


I was really excited to try out this turnout blanket because I love horse blankets and Sheets. When it finally arrived, I couldn’t wait to put it on my horse. The blanket is very soft and cozy, but unfortunately my horse didn’t seem too interested in it. Maybe he’s just cold-blooded?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are good brands of horse blankets?

The top four heavy-duty horse blankets, in our opinion Essential WeatherBeeta Comfitec, Standard Neck. Extreme Poly Turnout Blanket Tough-1. Amigo Bravo 12 All-In-One Significant Attendance. With Vari-Layer, Rambo Stable Plus.

How heavy should my horse blanket be?

Your horse will stay warm in temperatures below 40°F with a light to medium-weight blanket with 150–250g of fill. A medium- to heavyweight blanket is required for temperatures between 20° and 30°F, while a heavyweight or extra heavy blanket with 300–400g of polyfill is needed for temperatures below 20°F.

What is the difference between a turnout sheet and a turnout blanket?

A blanket gives greater insulation the more fill or “weight” it has. Lightweight, midweight, and heavyweight blankets are provided for stables and turnouts. A turnout sheet is the lightest kind of turnout.

What is the warmest blanket for horses?

The warmest turnout blankets on the market have a fill weight between 300 and 400 grams. This weight of horse blanket is a suitable choice for horses that are clipped, are stabled in very cold areas, or run cooler than other horses.

What is the toughest horse blanket?

Blow-up nylon

What are the different types of horse blankets?

Horse Blanket and Sheet Types Turnout and stable are the two variations available. While stable sheets and blankets are not waterproof and are intended to be worn inside, turnout sheets and blankets are and are meant to be used while your horse is outdoors.

At what temperature does a horse need a blanket?

Your horse generally just needs a thin blanket if the temperature is 40 degrees. He could prefer a heavyweight blanket if the temperature is ten degrees below zero. Wearing a non-waterproof blanket in the rain may be just as troublesome as sweating when wearing one on a hot day. Take off the blanket, and give your horse a routine grooming.

How do I know if my horse is too cold?

Your horse may be too chilly if. Similar to humans, horses shiver in the cold. Your horse is undoubtedly too chilly if she is shivering and obviously uncomfortable. Another sign that a horse is attempting to warm up is a tucked tail. Spot-check her body temperature to be sure.

Can you use turnout blanket in stall?

When the horse is in the stall, stable blankets are often utilized since the external material is not waterproof. When a horse is outdoors, some owners may cover the stable blanket with a turnout sheet for waterproof protection.

How many blankets do you need for a horse?

Each horse had four or five blankets, and during the coldest months they may wear three at once. Because they are trimmed year-round (for competition), “our horses have extremely short coats, so we have to be careful about how they are blanketed,” explains Bates.

Do rain sheets keep horses warm?

In chilly weather, it may not be a good idea to put on a rain sheet. While it will stop the wind, it will also cause the hair to mat, stopping the piloerection of the coat, which naturally keeps a horse warm without any further insulation.

How do you blanket a horse in the winter?

Unfold the blanket after placing it over the horse’s midsection. Start with fastening the chest buckle, then the belly buckle, and finally the leg straps. The straps should be snug enough to prevent your horse from slipping but not so tight that he may get his foot stuck in them if he lays down.

When should you blanket an old horse?

A horse that is older, extremely healthy, and in excellent weight typically doesn’t require a blanket. Any older horse that is underweight heading into winter or has any medical conditions that might raise his calorie requirements or limit his capacity to absorb calories should be covered.

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