If you’re looking for a high-quality health supplement for your newborn goat kids, then the Manna Pro Colostrum Supplement is perfect for you. Not only does this supplement provide essential nutrients and minerals to help keep your kid’s growth healthy, but it also has immunoglobulins that protect them from common illnesses. And if you’re worried about price tags, don’t be – the Manna Pro Colostrum Supplement is affordable without sacrificing quality. So whether you’re new to goats or just want to give them the best possible start in life, make sure to check out the Manna Pro Colostrum Supplement!

Manna Pro Colostrum Supplement for Newborn Goat Kids Review


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– Contains milk protein to support gut health and digestion

– Powered by Opti Gut to support gut health and digestion

– Easy to mix for fast prep

– Supports 9 different species of animalsCheck Price

– Contains milk protein to support gut health and digestion

The Manna Pro Colostrum Supplement for Newborn Goat Kids is a safe, high quality, and nutritious supplement that supports gut health and digestion in newborn goat kids. This product contains milk protein which is essential for the development of the baby goat’s gut flora and helps to support their overall digestive health.

– Powered by Opti Gut to support gut health and digestion

The Manna Pro Colostrum Supplement for Newborn Goat Kids is a great way to support gut health and digestion in your newborn goat kids. This supplement contains colostrum, the first milk produced by mammals after giving birth, which has been shown to be beneficial for both gut health and digestion. It also comes with probiotics to help promote healthy bacteria in the goat kid’s digestive system.

– Easy to mix for fast prep

All new goat kids will require colostrum to help with their early development. Colostrum is a nutrient rich milk that the mother gives to her kid during the first few days after giving birth. Unfortunately, sometimes it can be difficult for farmers to get access to fresh colostrum in time for newborn goats, which is where Manna Pro comes in. This supplement contains high quality colostrum from freshly weaned goats, and makes it easy for farmers to give their kids the perfect start in life.

– Supports 9 different species of animals

Do you have a newborn goat kid? If so, you need to get them a manna pro colostrum supplement! This supplement helps to support their growth and development as they transition from the womb to life outside. It also has beneficial ingredients that help keep them healthy and strong while they are nursing.

Reviews & Ratings of Manna Pro Colostrum Supplement for Newborn Goat Kids

Our Rating: 4.7 Out of 5 Stars

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The Manna Pro Colostrum Supplement for Newborn Goat Kids is an excellent health supplement for newborn goat kids. It contains colostrum, which is a high-quality source of nutrition and immunity support.
I found 31 customer reviews at the time of writing, and they had all awarded the product 4.7 stars out of 5 on average. The majority of customers praised the quality and effectiveness of this product, with many saying that their new born goats were more healthy as a result.
One customer said, “Gave my 1 week old baby goat 2 scoops today along with her bottle feed to start his day – he drank it all! All I can say is wow!!”
So if you are looking for a high-quality health supplement for your newborn goat kid, then the Manna Pro Colostrum Supplement should be at the top of your list.


Manna Pro Colostrum Supplement for Newborn Goat Kids is a health supplement designed to help support the health of newborn goat kids. Made with natural ingredients, this product promises to promote better growth and development in your kid.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many days do baby goats need colostrum?

goat calves being bottle-fed AgeAmount of milk consumed each feeding ScheduleDay 1: 10% of body weight in colostrum Days 2 – 104 – 6 ounce 4–5 times each day Days 11–217–12 ounces 3–4 times per day Week 21: weaning 12 – 16 ounces thrice daily

What does Colostrum do for goats?

Colostrum, the doe’s first milk after giving birth, is essential for giving young goats a healthy start. Colostrum shields newborn goats from infection before their immune systems are completely developed since they are immuno-deficient at birth. It gives the doe antibodies that she is unable to pass on to her fetus.

What is Colostrum for Baby goats?

Colostrum is the doe’s first batch of thick, yellowish milk after giving birth. Maternal antibodies (immunoglobulins), vitamin A, minerals, lipids, and other energy-rich substances are present in high concentrations in the colostrum. Proteins called antibodies aid in the immune system development of the developing goat.

Can baby goats survive without colostrum?

On their first meal, this entertainment depends. Baby goats need colostrum, the first milk that a doe makes after giving birth, to start off strong and healthy. Colostrum serves to give immunological protection until a goat’s immune system is completely developed since newborn goats lack immunity.

How do I know if my baby goat is getting enough milk?

You can tell when they are pleased by their small wagging tails. Infants that are just born will feed often, but seldom for very long. They will breastfeed less often and consume more milk at once as a result of that rising. Even after the youngsters have nursed, milk the doe practically to dry if her bag is swollen and her teats are full.

How long do goats give colostrum?

The provision of children and lambs with antibodies (immunoglobulins) that offer passive immunity during the first two months of life is one of the most significant roles played by colostrum (first milk).

How often should newborn goats feed?

After a few days, you’ll extend this out to four feedings each day. At first, you could be feeding every three to four hours. At about three weeks of age, you can reduce it to two or three feedings each day, and by six to eight weeks, you can reduce it to twice daily.

Can baby have too much colostrum?

Only 1-4 tablespoons of colostrum should be produced daily. A hefty meal may seem little since your baby’s stomach may only be the size of a marble. Milk is simpler to learn to suck and swallow in tiny quantities.

How much milk does a newborn goat need?

Over the course of the first 24 hours, a baby should eat 4 to 6 ounces four times. Days 2 and 3: The best nutrition for the first three days of life is goat or lamb colostrum. Feed 6 to 8 ounces, four times a day, to achieve a daily intake of 24 to 32 ounces.

How long can baby goats go without milk?

How much milk do newborn goats require? In the first six hours and the first 24 hours of COLOSTRUM, all children should get 5% of their body weight and 10% of their body weight, respectively. Little ones will perish without colostrum.

How much milk should a kid goat drink?

Four times a day, give eight to twelve ounces of warm milk to the baby. Sometimes the child may not finish it. That’s OK. When a child begins biting on the nipple instead of sucking during any meal, you can usually tell they are satisfied.

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