Harrison Howard CareMaster Fly Mask Standard Review


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✅ Eye Guard Keeps Away from Eyes

✅ 50% UV Rays Blockage

✅ Padded for Comfort and Soothing

✅ Air-Streaming Fabrication for Cool ComfortCheck Price

1. Eye Guard Keeps Away from Eyes

Harrison Howard CareMaster Fly Mask Standard is specifically designed to keep away insects and other pests from your eyes, while providing good vision. The mask has a snug fit and comes with elastic straps for a perfect fit. It’s made of durable cloth that is treated against bacteria and mildew, ensuring long-lasting protection for your eyes.

2. 50% UV Rays Blockage

UV rays are the main cause of skin cancer and other skin diseases. The Harrison Howard CareMaster Fly Mask Standard is designed to help protect your face from the damaging effects of UV radiation. Made from a tough, water-repellent fabric, it features a wide mesh face shield that blocks 98% of all UV rays. This fly mask also has a comfortable fit and is easy to put on. It comes with an adjustable strap so you can make sure it stays in place while you’re working in the sun.

3. Padded for Comfort and Soothing

A good fly mask should be both comfortable and soothing, and the Harrison Howard CareMaster Fly Mask Standard ticks all these boxes. It’s made from soft, breathable fabric that’s generously padded to ensure a snug fit. Plus, it features a silky lining that helps to reduce irritation and keep your eyes feeling fresh and cool. The CareMaster Fly Mask is also designed with a flexible headband that ensures a comfortable fit whatever your head size. And finally, it comes complete with an adjustable nose clip so you can get the perfect seal against those pesky bugs.

4. Air-Streaming Fabrication for Cool Comfort

A good air-streaming mask will keep you cool and comfortable in the hottest weather. The Harrison Howard CareMaster Fly Mask Standard is a top-quality model that features an air-streaming design to distribute heat evenly across your face. This means you’ll stay cool, even on hot days. Plus, it has a soft and comfortable fabric construction that ensures long-term satisfaction.

Reviews & Ratings of Harrison Howard CareMaster Fly Mask Standard

Our Rating: 4.4 Out of 5 Stars

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The CareMaster Fly Mask Standard with Ears is a high-quality insect mask that offers excellent protection against mosquitoes, flies and other biting insects. It has an adjustable headband for a perfect fit, strong zippers and soft ear pads to provide comfort during use.
I found 18 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Harrison Howard CareMaster Fly Mask Standard with Ears 4.4 stars out of a possible 5 on average.
The customer reviews on Amazon are positive overall, but there were a few niggling points raised. One customer said, “This was exactly what I needed!” while another wrote, “It fits well (and) provides good protection from bugs … The only issue I have is that it’s difficult to take off when you’re finished using it.”
But again, these seem to be isolated cases – most customers seemed very happy with their purchase.
That makes it very easy for me to recommend the Harrison Howard CareMaster Fly Mask Standard with Ears as well.


The Harrison Howard CareMaster Fly Mask Standard is a mask made to protect you from flying insects. Made of durable and breathable materials, this fly mask provides complete protection from pesky bugs while allowing your lungs to breathe. With a large front area that covers the entire face, it’s perfect for those times when nature calls or you simply want to stay bug-free outside of your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do fly masks work?

Fly masks are very useful since flies are present wherever there are horses. Masks provide protection not just from bothersome flies but also from biting insects that may itch and perhaps spread illness. Fly masks become even more essential in warm conditions.

Can you leave a fly mask on overnight?

Can I keep the fly mask on my horse overnight? Toggle. A horse often doesn’t need a fly mask at night. Field Relief fly masks may be worn continuously if your horse has an eye issue and has been instructed by a veterinarian to wear one overnight.

Are fly masks see through?

It’s possible to question and delete unsourced information. A fly mask, sometimes known as a fly cap, is a mask that horses wear to shield their eyes, mouth, and occasionally their ears and nose from flies. The mask is composed of mesh and is semi-transparent, enabling the horse to see and hear through it.

Can horses wear fly masks all the time?

Keep fly masks on for a long time. The horse’s health will benefit from the fly mask being removed many times every day. Allowing masks that don’t fit properly might scratch your horse’s eyes. The result might be ocular ulcers.

Should horses wear fly masks in the rain?

Owners should take into account that rain might make fly masks heavier for their horses when considering whether or not to keep them on during wet conditions. Masks should probably be taken off of horses that like rolling in the mud since muck may cake inside them and impede eyesight.

Can you wash fly masks in a washing machine?

Use a hard brush or hose to remove extra dirt before washing your fly mask. It is advised to wash your hands with mild soap. Use a cold, moderate cycle if washing by machine. Do not tumble dry; instead, air dry.

Do horses like fly mask?

Though it is uncommon, they may spread the eye-worm to horses. Face flies in particular are drawn to the moisture in the horse’s eyes and nose and become an annoying annoyance your animal cannot control. The mask only serves as a physical barrier between the horse and the flies.

Do fly veils work?

A fly veil prevents your horse from becoming irritated and tossing his head if an insect buzzes near his ears. This will help him to concentrate better and will be beneficial during a tournament. We’ve created a fly mask for horses that are very sensitive to flies and require a bit additional protection.

Should horses have fly masks on at night?

Never wear the mask at night. Your horse is safer without it at night since he doesn’t require it. Keep things tidy, please. Your horse’s eyes might get irritated by dirt lodged in the mesh, and a filthy mask could cause skin problems.

How do you fit a fly mask?

Find a Mask That Fits These are the important criteria to consider: Muzzle: In order to prevent a space beneath the edge of the mask through which flies may easily travel, the mask’s lower edge must extend one to one and a half inches below the bottom of your horse’s cheekbone.

How tight should a fly mask be on a horse?

The fit of a fly mask shouldn’t be overly tight or loose. The mask shouldn’t interfere with your horse’s ability to blink in any way. As your horse moves, check through the mask to make sure the eyelashes are not in contact. Additionally, your horse’s ears should be free to move and not pushing on the mask.

Where are Fltr masks made?


Why do horse owners cover the horse eyes with blinkers?

A fly mask is a piece of equipment that is placed on a horse’s head to protect it from flies and other biting insects. It usually covers the horse’s eyes, mouth, ears, and snout. A horse’s face and eyes may benefit from fly masks’ UV protection, and some fly masks are even coated with insect repellents.

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