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Allay is a new gluten-free food brand. As many people who have dietary restrictions know, eating out can be difficult with so much misinformation about what’s safe and what to avoid. Allay is trying to change that by providing information on the ingredients of their products while also offering delicious tasting options for anyone looking for something new in their diet or kitchen.
The website has easy recipes that you’ll love, as well as grocery lists where you can easily find all the ingredients needed for your favorite dish!

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Features of Allay

1. Exclusive Antacid and Calming Formula
2. Naturally Occurring Magnesium-Calcium Buffer
3. Soothing Licorice Extract
4. Prebiotic Yeast Base – No Alfalfa or Sugars
5. Will Not Test Positive

1. Exclusive Antacid and Calming Formula

Allay is an antacid and calming formula that helps to soothe the stomach. The Allay Antacids have a unique, patented technology with Dual-Action Acid Technology. This sophisticated dual action helps reduce heartburn, ulcers, acid reflux by safely neutralizing excess stomach acidity while also lowering inflammation and relieving heartburn symptoms caused from stress or other factors.

2. Naturally Occurring Magnesium-Calcium Buffer

When you consume magnesium in your diet, some of it bonds with calcium to create a natural buffer. This makes sense because the body needs both types of minerals for bone health and energy metabolism. One way that this happens is when drinking water or other beverages, as many contain both magnesium and calcium naturally occurring together. So if you drink an all-magnesium beverage like Allay Water
Water Plus Magnesium each day, chances are good that your daily intake will be balanced at a ratio close to 1:1

3. Soothing Licorice Extract

The Allay® Licorice Extract is made with a special blend of licorice root extracts, including glycyrrhizin and flavanoids. The extract helps regulate blood pressure as well as offers an antioxidant support for skin health.

4. Prebiotic Yeast Base – No Alfalfa or Sugars

Allay is a blend of prebiotic yeast and botanical extracts that help reduce bloating, gas, constipation and diarrhea. This product has no alfalfa or sugars so you can use it with confidence. The all-natural ingredients work to support the natural gut flora in your digestive system for an active immune system and overall well being.

5. Will Not Test Positive

Allay is a breath mint that does not test positive for nicotine or other addictive ingredients. Allay will keep your breath fresh and clean, without providing any added flavor or sweetness from artificial additives. It’s available in peppermint and cinnamon flavors, each of which has been specially formulated to give the user a satisfying mouthful with no lingering aftertaste

Reviews & Ratings of Allay

Our Rating: 4.9 Out of 5 Stars

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The Allay is a food dehydrator with an adjustable temperature control. You can also set the timer up to 24 hours in advance, so you know exactly when it will turn off automatically and which foods are dried at any given time. The Allay has a mesh screen that lets the moisture escape without letting anything else through, so your food won’t stick to it or get moldy while they’re drying.
This product received 4.9 stars out of 5 on average on Amazon from 23 customers who left reviews for this particular model (there were no customer reviews available for the other products listed).
Customers reviewed their experiences with this dehydrator positively – “Works great!” was said by one reviewer; “I love my new allay” came from another; and many more like these as well: “Lovely Dehydrate Food,” “All-around winner!”and “Great Product.”
Putting those positive comments together makes me comfortable recommending the ALLAY as something worth buying too!


In summary, the Allay is a good quality product which can be used to create all type of food. Its design allows for easy storage and use without taking up too much space on your countertop. The price point is also very competitive with other brands in this market, making it an excellent value for money product..

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does an allay light really work?

A: Yes, allay lights do work. They are not a scam.

Is allay legit?

A: Allay is legit.

How much commission does allay take?

A: Allay takes a 10% commission on all trades.

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